10 Interesting Facts about Lee Kuan Yew you should know

In this post, we examine some facts about Lee Kuan Yew. In an earlier post we had talked about who Lee Kuan Yew was and the impact he made in today’s Singapore.

Facts about Lee Kuan Yew

Prime Minister Kuan Yew Lee visiting housing project. (Photo by Larry Burrows/The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images)

LKY as he was fondly called is regarded as the father of Singapore and known as the man who built the nation right from the scratch. His death is still being felt in the country as the ruling family are currently at each other’s throats.

10 Fun Facts about Lee Kuan Yew you should know

Here are some interesting facts about Lee Kuan Yew which we feel you should knw wehther you are an immigrant, foreigner or a citizen.

Interesting Facts about Lee Kuan Yew

  1. He liked to smoke and drink in his younger days (Yeah a young Lee as a smoker and a drinker). The good news is that he willingly stopped at age 30.
  2. He was known for treating and spending taxpayers money with great care. LKY didn’t spend the nation’s money anyhow but with respect. This is probably why Singapore today is one of the greatest nations in Southeast Asia.
  3. He learnt other languages when he was 30.
  4. He had another name. Well, meet Mr Harry Lee. In 1950, after leaving Cambridge, he omitted his English name and just used “Lee Kuan Yew”.
  5. His plan was intially to become a lawyer. He actually read law in England and graduated with honors but he eventually joined politics in the 1950s.
  6. His son, Lee Hsien Loong is the current Prime Minister of Singapore. Well, this isn’t news obviiously to any Singaporean but might be to foreigners.
  7. Lee Kuan Yew got married to his wife twice. The first occurred in September, 1947 and the second took place in 1950 in Singapore. She also happened to be his first love and was also a lawyer. She died a few years before he died.
  8. He had six memoirs. They are: “The Singapore Story (1999), Keeping My Mandarin Alive: Lee Kuan Yew Language Learning Experience (2005), My Lifelong Challenge Singapore’s Bilingual Journey (2011), Hard Truths to Keep Singapore Going (2011), The Wit and Wisdom of Lee Kuan Yew (2013) and One Man’s View of the World (2013).
  9. One thing he never joked about was his gym routine. He loved exercising. LKY would go on the threadmill twice a day. He enjoyed cycling and swimming also.
  10. He was also one of history’s longest serving minsters.
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