Hong Kong Singapore Travel Bubble and Everything you need to know

The Hong Kong Singapore travel bubble plans are being rolled out and there would be an implementation anytime soon. At the beginning of Covid 19, the only option for the travel and aviation industry was  a “travel bubble” which many countries couldn’t even implement.

Hong Kong Singapore Travel BubbleMany countries have been talking about travel bubbles but both Hong Kong and Singapore are the only regions actually taking actions.

What are Travel Bubbles?

A travel bubble is a controlled return of quarantine-free air travel between two cities or countries. Both New Zealand and Australia were meant to have the first major international travel bubble but unfortunately, the plans made didn’t go through. This was attributed to a rise in Covid 19 cases.

Basically, with an air travel bubble, travelers would be able to move from the designated regions without strict restrictions such as a quarantine.

Hong Kong Singapore Travel Bubble and How it will Work

Here is more on what Singapore Mafian could gather about the proposed Hong Kong Singapore travel bubble.

Below, we have answered common questions which we feel might bother those who intend to travel from Singapore to Hong Kong or just want to know more.

Travel bubble

Launch date?

The Air travel bubble is expected to begin by November 22nd, 2020.

How do people get tested for covid 19?

Of course people will be tested and it will be done at three points for Singaporeans.

  • First, will be before departure.
  • The second, is upon arrival.
  • And the third is before leaving Hong Kong.

Same goes for those travelling from Hong Kong.

Who can travel under the Hong Kong Singapore travel bubble plans?

For Singaporeans, you’d need an approval from the  Pre-Departure PCR Test. You are to apply for the test and get an approval at least seven days before departure and also, a confirmed ticket to Hong Kong. Before departing Hong Kong, another PCR test is to be carried out at any recognized clinic or testing centre in the city.

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Can I book any flight to Hong Kong?

According to Timeout;

“No. Travellers will be required to go on flights dedicated for those travelling under the scheme – so as to not mix with passengers in transit even though they are heading to the same destination.

As it is, most airline companies have implemented safety measurements and social distancing rules onboard planes such as cabin crew wearing masks throughout the flight (as well as goggles or eye visors when interacting with passengers), maintaining a safe distance when queuing for toilets, more frequent cleaning of lavatories and high touch point surfaces, and more.”

Would it be only Hong Kong Singapore would have a travel bubble with?

Well, Singapore do have special arrangements with other countries and is also in talks for implementing various travel bubbles with more regions. Currently, only Hong Kong also a travel bubble that allows leisure travel with Singapore.

Although, there have been special arrangements made with both China and Malaysia to allow for travel. However, the travel must only be essential business-related work, taking up employment overseas, repatriation of Chinese or Indian nationals with live or cancelled work permits and S-Passes returning to China or the Tamil Nadu or West Bengal States of India, and travel related to long-term education, compassionate reasons, or otherwise.

What if I contract Covid 19 while travelling?

Under the Hong Kong Singapore travel bubble plans, you will be the one to bear the cost of your medical treatment.

Will I be quarantined?

There will be no need for any quarantine. If you do test negative, while leaving Singapore, there will be no quarantine needed. Also, if you are still negative upon arrival in Hong Kong, no quarantine will be needed. However, if you test positive you go into quarantine immediately.