Stefanie Sun Biography, Songs, Husband, Instagram and Net Worth

Stefanie Sun is no doubt one of the greatest artists out of Singapore. We can’t talk about music in Singapore and skip the name, Stefanie Sun.

Stefanie Sun

In 2020, she was able to celebrate her 20th anniversary in the showbiz game since she made her debut. The talented singer/songwriter made her debut back in 2000. Ever since then, she has dropped albums that shook the entire Singapore.

Her musical influence is not only limited to Singapore but across Asian countries. She sold more than 30 million records and achieved fame & success in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Malaysia.

Stefanie Sun Biography

She was born on the 23rd of July, 1978 here in Singapore. Her primary education was in Nanyang Primary School before she then proceeded to three different secondary schools. Sun later graduated with a BSc in Marketing in 2000 from Nanyang Technological University .

Her story to fame began after she attended the LWS School of Music where her vocal talent was discovered by Paul Lee who later became her mentor. Seeing as how talented she was, Paul Lee introduced her to Samuel Chou who was the Chairman of Warner Music Taiwan at that time.

Stefanie Sun made her debut in 2000 and went on to bag The Her World Young Woman Achiever Award in 2001 as well as different Best Newcomer awards in her debut year. The first three albums she dropped went on to sell 1.5 million copies by 2001. Since then, she rose to fame in Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, Hong Kong and China.

Stefanie Sun Songs and Albums

Stefanie Sun Songs

Here are all the songs and studio albums Stefanie Sun has released till date (last updated as at 2020).

Yan Zi (2000)

  1. “超快感” (Turbo) – 3:39
  2. “愛情證書” (Love Document) – 4:14
  3. “天黑黑” (Cloudy Day) – 3:56
  4. “E-Lover” – 4:59
  5. “濃眉毛” (Sculpted Eyebrow) – 3:47
  6. “和平” (Make Peace) – 4:08
  7. “自然” (Natural) – 3:24
  8. “終於” (Finally) – 3:56
  9. “很好” (Fine) – 4:27
  10. “Leave Me Alone” – 4:26

My Desired Happiness (2000)

  1. “On the Road (Demo 1)”
  2. “我要的幸福” (My Desired Happiness)
  3. “壞天氣” (Bad Weather)
  4. “零缺點” (Perfect)
  5. “開始懂了” (Realize)
  6. “中間地帶” (Central Zone)
  7. “相信” (Believe)
  8. “累贅” (Drag)
  9. “難得一見” (Only Chance)
  10. “害怕” (Fear)
  11. “星期一天氣晴我離開你” (Leaving You on the Sunny Monday)
  12. “On the Road (Demo 2)”

Kite (2001)

  1. “綠光” (Green Light)
  2. “風箏” (Kite)
  3. “任性” (Abandon)
  4. “逃亡” (Abscondence)
  5. “不是眞的愛我” (You Don’t Really Love Me)
  6. “眞的” (Really)
  7. “練習” (Practice)
  8. “愛情字典” (Love Dictionary)
  9. “隨堂測驗” (Quiz)
  10. “我是我” (That’s the Way I Am)

Start (2002)

  1. “Hey Jude” – originally by the Beatles
  2. “Silent All These Years” – originally by Tori Amos
  3. “橄欖樹” (Olive Tree) – originally by Chyi Yu
  4. “沒時間” (Too Little Time) – originally by Karen Mok
  5. “Sometimes Love Just Ain’t Enough” – originally by Patty Smyth & Don Henley
  6. “原來你甚麼都不要” (Nothing You Want) – originally by A–mei
  7. “That I Would Be Good” – originally by Alanis Morissette
  8. “Venus” – originally by Shocking Blue
  9. “Someone”
  10. “天空” (Sky) – originally by Faye Wong
  11. “就是這樣” (That’s the Way It Is)
  12. “Up 2U”
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Leave (2002)

  1. “作戰” (Fight)
  2. “我不愛” (I Don’t Love)
  3. “懂事” (Sensible)
  4. “直來直往” (Straight Forward)
  5. “一樣的夏天” (Summer as Usual)
  6. “愛從零開始” (Love Starts from the Beginning)
  7. “不同” (Difference)
  8. “眼神” (Wink)
  9. “我想” (I Wish)
  10. “Leave”

Bonus tracks

  1. “We Will Get There”
  2. “一起走到” (We Will Get There)

To Be Continued (2003)

  1. “神奇” (Magical)
  2. “我不難過” (I Am Fine)
  3. “永遠” (Forever)
  4. “未完成” (To Be Continued)
  5. “接下來” (Following)
  6. “學會” (Learnt)
  7. “年輕無極限” (Youth Without Limit)
  8. “了解” (To Know)
  9. “休止符” (A Rest)
  10. “沒有人的方向” (A Direction Without Anyone)
  11. “My Story, Your Song” feat. Mai Kuraki

Stefanie (2004)

  1. 奔” (Running)
  2. “我的愛” (My Love)
  3. “祝你開心” (Wish You Happiness)
  4. “我也很想他” (I Miss Him Too)
  5. “聽見” (Heard)
  6. “慢慢來” (Take It Slow)
  7. “同類” (Someone Like Me)
  8. “種” (Nurture Your Dreams)
  9. “反過來走走” (Turn Around)
  10. “Stefanie”
  11. “Let’s Vino”
  12. “未知的精彩” (The Brilliant Unknown Future)

A Perfect Day (2005)

  1. “完美的一天” (A Perfect Day)
  2. “眼淚成詩” (Poems & Tears)
  3. “隐形人” (Invisible)
  4. “流浪地圖” (Wandermap)
  5. “第一天” (First Day)
  6. “Honey Honey”
  7. “心願” (Wish)
  8. “另一張臉” (Another Face)
  9. “夢不落” (Flying With Dreams)
  10. “明天晴天” (Sunny Day Tomorrow)

Against the Light (2007)

  1. “In the Beginning”
  2. “逆光” (Against the Light)
  3. “夢游” (Sleep-Walking)
  4. “咕嘰咕嘰” (Muttering)
  5. “我懷念的” (What I Miss)
  6. “安寧” (Tranquility)
  7. “飄著” (Floating)
  8. “愛情的花樣” (Pattern of Love)
  9. “漩渦” (Swirl)
  10. “需要你” (Needing You)
  11. “關於” (About)
  12. “Afterward”

It’s Time (2011)

1. “世說心語” (A Voice Within)
2. “追” (The Chase)
3. “當冬夜漸暖” (Time and Tide)
4. “時光小偷” (Thief of Time)
5. “空口言” (Sky)
6. “明天的記憶” (Tomorrow’s Memory)
7. “180度” (180 Degrees)
8. “快瘋了” (Crazy)
9. “愚人的國度” (Fool’s Kingdom)
10. “是時候” (It’s Time)

Kepler (2014)

1. “克卜勒” (Kepler)
2. “渴” (Thirst)
3. “無限大” (Infinite Possibilities)
4. “尚好的青春” (Best Days of My Youth)
5. “天使的指紋” (Angel’s Fingerprints)
6. “銀泰” (Yin Tai)
7. “圍繞” (Revolve)
8. “錯覺” (Mirage)
9. “比較幸福” (Happier)
10. “雨還是不停地落下” (The Rain Is Still Dropping)

No. 13 – A Dancing Van Gogh (2017)

  1. 風衣 Windbreaker
  2. 我很愉快 A State of Bliss
  3. 跳舞的梵谷 A Dancing Van Gogh
  4. 天越亮,夜越黑 Daybreak
  5. 天天年年 A Day; A Year
  6. 漂浮群島 Levitate
  7. 超人類 An Interval
  8. 充氧期 Refuel and Rewind
  9. 平日快樂 The Pursuit of Contentment
  10. 極美 Immense Beauty

Her other works include:

Extended plays: Rainbow Bot which was released in 2016.

Her Compilation albums:

  • The Moment (2003)
  • My Story, Your Song (2006)

Her Live albums:

  • 2000 Live Concert (2001)
  • Start World Tour (2002)

Stefanie Sun Husband and Children

Stefanie Sun Husband

The singer got married to her current husband in May, 2011 as at the time this post was updated. The had earlier registered the wedding secretly in March, 2011. Her husband name is Nadim van der Ros, who is a Dutch Indonesian. Stefanie Sun and her husband are both blessed with two kids.

Stefanie Sun Instagram

Connect with her here

Stefanie Sun Net Worth

Her net worth currently stands at $1 million. That’s quite impressive.


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